Comact DDM10 Line

Comact DDM10 Line

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- 10 years old - Approx. 120' V-flite conveyor including drive and attached control devices - Flying log turner - new HD upgrade 2011-12? (Quad roll) - DDM10 full profile machine, 480 volt - All drive units, motors and gear boxes attached to DDM included - All hydraulic power units and automatic greasers dedicated to DDM included - All spare parts that are specific to DDM including saws, guides, etc - TBD - Full profile optimizer hardware and software - upgraded in July 2015 - All spares dedicated to the scanning system included - MCC dedicated to DDM, no spares - VFD's dedicated to DDM, no spares - PLC control logix including cabinet - Operator's console for DDM - note that debarker control is also in the operator cab - Cables from MCC, VFD, PLC to machine included - Cables feeding MCC from mill not included - Transformers before MCC not included - Still installed - take out is extra


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