About Us

Canadian Mill Equipment LTD specializes in the sale or brokering of used, reconditioned or rebuilt wood processing equipment.

The company handles all combinations of processing requirements from individual pieces to entire lines as well as complete mills. Sawmilling equipment ranges from log yard and handling through primary and secondary break down, planer, re-man and added value mills.

Additional forest related processing equipment includes veneer, plywood, composite board, co-gen plants, pellet plants and other specialty plants.

Canadian Mill Equipment LTD will work with the client in assembling a combination of rebuilt components in conjunction with new equipment to provide efficient wood processing at prices substantially less than new. 

This program of refurbishing and rebuilding older yet effective basic equipment, combined with current electronics and control systems, offers very cost efficient plant upgrades.

The company works closely with original equipment manufacturers on rebuild projects, supplying, where possible, OEM parts and spare parts together with manufacturers operators and maintenance manuals.

Canadian Mill Equipment LTD offers a range of equipment, which covers not only today's ‘high-tech’ demands but also the smaller mill requirements for good basic production machinery.

Canadian Mill Equipment LTD has many years’ experience with some of the world’s leading sawmilling and wood processing machinery manufacturers. They bring with them expertise in plant and process design as well as equipment operation.