Optimil DLI Four (4) Sided Canter/Quad System

Optimil DLI Four (4) Sided Canter/Quad System

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- Located on the North Island of New Zealand - 8' to 20', up to 28" in diameter - Built in 1995 - V-flight auto rotation scanning conveyor - Optimil Feedroll log turner c/w linear positioners for up/down, two (2) stage air cylinders for in/out movement - Optimil double length infeed - Approx. 55' long - Pivoting flare remover head c/w drive motor (Key Knife) - Stepped profile bottom chain - Linear positioner for infeed lift - Two (2) pairs of hydraulically driven centering rolls - Eleven (11) overhead holddown rolls c/w two (2) stage air cylinders - Two (2) pairs of spiked feedrolls c/w linear positioner for in/out movement c/w inline air cylinder cushion. (Note - two (2) positioning cylinders not included). - Overhead hold down roll over bottom head - Optimil four (4) sided canter - 1/2 x 2 single mini spline bottom head (Key Knife) c/w arbor motor - Disc style side heads c/w six (6) Key Knife pockets (not included), main arbor motors, linear positoiners and two (2) pairs of electrically driven vertical feedrolls - Drum style top head (Key Knife) c/w main arbor motor, linear positioner, one (1) pair of electrically driven horizontal feedrolls - Multispline guide bar (bottom head to top head) - CAE 6 ft Quad bandmill c/w linear positioners, infeed and outfeed feed modules, main arbor motors, wheel guards, top saw guides and spline remover assembly (Key Knife). (Note: two (2) top and two (2) bottom wheels not included) - System hydraulic power units - Items not included - Operator's console - PLC machine control system - Scanning & optimization system - Motor control center (MCC) - Operator's cab


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