COE (Ward Systems) Multi-Head Moisture Detector

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- The Model 340MH Multi-Head individual sensing lumber moisture detector is a continuous on-line moisture detector designed for lumber cross-flow applications or similar installations. - The Model 340MH is designed to provide a means of detecting lumber pieces that have passed through the drying process but have failed to dry down to a level considered to be satisfactory for future processing. - Suitable for across the chain applications of 20 feet or shorter. Designed for 7 sensor pads mounted under the chain for moisture detection. - The system includes a spray nozzle, at each sensor pad, that will mark the lumber if the moisture content exceeds the allowable level - Complete with an auto-mix ink mixing system - System is nine years old, complete with installation and operation manual - Requires 110 volt, electricity and 40 to 60 psi air pressure


ManufacturerCOE (Ward Systems)
Stock Number3232