Waco Universal Moulder Giant

Waco Universal Moulder Giant

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- Universal Moulder Giant with compact units with maximum working width 12" and maximum working height of 4" - Maximum width of timber - 12" - Minimum width of timber - 13/16" (1/2" in a special version) - Maximum thickness of timber - 4" - Minimum thickness of timber - 1/4" - Speed of cutter spindles - 6000 RPM - Spindle diameter - 1-13/16" - Chip suction top cutterhead - 8" - Chip suction connections, others - 6" - Bottom head - 30 HP - Top head - 50 HP - Right hand side cutterhead - 20 HP - Left hand side cutterhead - 30 HP - Top head - 40 HP - Beading head - 25 HP Standard Equipment - The Waco giant is built in a unit construction system. The various units can be assembled in any order and number required. The design is in accordance with the following specifications: - Variable feedspeed transmission powered by a hydraulic power pack - Transmission between the feed mechanism by bevel gears and drive shafts - Power transmission to the feed rollers by means of cardan shafts and a distribution gear box - Electrical vertical adjustment of the top feed rollers, top pressure rollers and shoes - Hardened table and fence - Counter - Necessary machine shoes - Pneumatic top pressure up to the first top cutterhead (std. on 400 FPM model) - Pneumatic spindle brakes for all spindles - Separate, sturdy side press rollers up to the first left-hand side cutterhead - Hydraulic front bearing - Electrical equipment. Separate motor control center with individual magnetic starters connected to all motors. - Every motor is started manually by means of illuminated stop/start buttons mounted in the individual magnetic starters. Each motor is protected with overload relays as well as fuses. Pilot lamps show when the motors are running. The MCC is also equipped with a main switches and emergency cut-outs are provided Motor Control Center - The system is complete with a Motor Control Center sized for the machine requirements only. The MCC is complete with the following requirements - Primary voltage to be 460 volt, 3 phase, 50 hertz - Main switch to be circuit breaker type rated for 400A - Bus bracing to be rated 42,000 amps RMS - All starters to be the combination type with capability of accepting "HRC" fuses - All magnetic starters to have individual control voltage, 120 VAC - All magnetic starters will be EEMAC 1 c/w gaskets - The MCC will be either top entry or button entry - All magnetic starters will have 2 sets of auxiliary contacts per starter - The MCC center will come completely wired (internal only) with all standard interlocking necessary for the machine operation.


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