McGehee SL2000 Small Log Machine

No longer available

McGehee SL2000 Small Log Machine

Surrey, Canada


McGehee SL2000 Small Log Machine - 4" diameter to 14" diameter, 8' long, up to 400 FPM - V-flight scan conveyor c/w four (4) head Hermary Opto LPS2016 scan heads and MPM optimization - SL2000 Small Log Machine - Feedroll log turner - Four (4) chipping heads (six (6) knife key knife heads) - Top and bottom profiler (fixed) - 6" Vertical single arbor gang c/w shifting saw cluster - Electrically driven feedworks - Linear positioner setworks - Setworks HPU - Main arbor motors 460/3/60 - Operator's cab, operators console and A/B PLC 5 control system - MCC's and VFD's - Outfeed belt conveyor - All equipment still installed


Stock Number5631