7' x 42' Pressure Vessel

7' x 42' Pressure Vessel

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- Rapid opening door - one end only - Internal tram track - Very little to no pin marks on interior Specs - Canadian Brown Steel Tank Co., Brandon, Man. - Order #A-1852 - Serial #4114 - Spec #84-46-0.150 psi - CRN C-8668.5823 - WSF 4092-P - SA-285 GRC.FLG (HD) T.S. 55,000 - SA-212 GRB FLG (SH) T.S. 70,000 - Max WP 150 PSI - Max temp 400 - T. Shell 625 T. HD 750 - UW-52-1962 - W-1964 - The customer pre-heated the water in a low pressure boiler to approx. 60 degrees F. and then pumped it into the cylinder. The lower pressure boiler is diesel fired activated by a propane light. It is available with the cylinder for an additional price. The boiler was able to raise the water temperature to steam. - The vessel was capable of almost full vacuum. The maximum mercury level was 20". That was all the pump was able to achieve.


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