Mill Tech PET Trimmer Transfer & Trimmer

Mill Tech PET Trimmer Transfer & Trimmer

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Transfer: - 25 HP drive.(VFD not included here) - Approx. 17' - 0" shaft centers. - Eight (8) runs of C2100 chain c/w trimmer lugs at 12 pitches. - UHMW Chanex chain runs and UHMW lined return runs. - Chain runs fully skirted through trimmer. - Includes 2-7/16 diameter headshaft c/w split adjustable sprockets. - Includes Autoguard torque limiter on trimmer headshaft. - Legs to operators floor elevation. PET Trimmer: (Manufactured by Mill Tech Industries) - Multi-saw trimmer with high-speed air cylinder lift with high energy cushioning, and individual 15 HP motors. - Two (2) adjustable 0' saws, and six (6) shifting mechanically position able saws to accommodate six (6) trim zones. PET lengths to be 72" to 74"*, 81 ¾" to 87 ¾", 2336, 92 5/8" to 96", 2550, 2650, 100" to 108" and future possible 116" to 120"*. Trimmer to be configured to be able to trim 2336 in conjunction with 92 5/8" and 2550 (or 2650, not both) in conjunction with 104 5/8". Note: all six (6) saw carriage assemblies would have the same design and components, with the exception of the lock and adjusting assemblies on the 'zero' saws. The "zero" saws will have mechanical locks, and no position indicator on the adjusting screw. *Customer has eliminated the 72" to 74" (none of their customers wanted it) and instead added in the 116" to 120" saws. -The above lengths will be achieved with two banks of saws. The ladders would be oriented in the same direction. - Saw carriages would be positioned with a hand crank through the adjustment range, with position feedback determined by a SIKO digital position indicator, calibrated with the positioning crank screw. (Digital indicator format, metric or imperial, to be selected at time of order) The crank screw arrangement would be designed and manufactured to minimize backlash in both the screw thread and the rod mounting. - Ladder will pivot on tapered roller bearings, to facilitate adjustment of clearance in the pivot bearings. - Saw carriages will lock in position with air-release calipers, and will be guided on large diameter roundways. - Heavy-duty mainframe on trimmer with each side (front and back) opening with a hydraulic cylinder to provide a walkway. This provides excellent access for changing saws and maintenance. (Power for these cylinders is from the three-stage fence power unit.) - The trimmer is fully enclosed with flexible skirting in and out of machine. - Includes eight (8) hold down assemblies located at the saws. (Suction system by others) - Trimmer comes pre-wired and pre-plumbed.


ManufacturerMill Tech
Stock Number4020
Pet trimmer(Manufactured by Mill Tech Industries)